Sunday, 19 May 2013

Boy, has it ever been busy.

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, it's been very very busy couple of months. Between working on a Feature Film, doing signs for a TV series, and a out of town wall job, not to mention my regular clients, it's been a crazy. I would like to take a minute to thank all of you for dropping by. I apologizes to those that have sent an email that I may not have responded to, I do try to send a thank you email, but may miss a few when it gets crazy.

Here's a little sample of what I've been working over the last few months. I'll do a few more posts in regard to details of the projects, but for now, here's a few pictures with brief descriptions.

 Here's a few pictures from a Feature Film I worked on back in March and April. It was a German Film Company that filmed part of a movie in Alberta. The town we used doubled as a small North Dakota town from the 1920s. I was hired as the Paint Coordinator, but also designed and helped paint the signs. Due to the nature of my job, I could only spend a little time actually painting the signs, but had a good friend, and great sign painter  Stu Friesen, help out. That's Stu on the left, and Robert on the right. Robert was part of the German crew, trying his hand at lettering. It was a great experience working with the German crew, but the weather was brutal. When I get a chance, I'll do a full write up.

 Here's a few pictures of canvas signs that I painted for a TV series. The Production Designer wanted them done by hand. No computer or projector was harmed in the making of these signs, just a ruler and piece of charcoal. He wanted a looser look that you can only get with this approach. One of the biggest challenges in lettering on the raw canvas is it's very hard on the brushes, and no room for mistakes. If you've ever tried to lettering on raw canvas, you'll know what I mean. I'm just getting ready to start a new sign package that will be painted on wooden sign blanks, should go a little smoother.

This is a wall job I just finished for a new client up in Edmonton. They actually found me on the internet. They were a great group to work with, plus the beer and food was a big bonus. I look forward to working with them in the future. This is just a small sample of the jobs that I've been involve with over the last few months, I post more in the near future. Talk to you all soon. Thanks