Sunday, 4 May 2014

Faux Gold Leaf window signs for the movie industry.

Here's a little faux Gold Leaf window job recently completed for a TV western series. It's not often they want this type of work, but it's a welcome change to the standard sign work that's usually done for film. It was done using the same glass gilding approach you would use on a real gold job, except using dutch gold instead of real gold. Although dutch gold/ bronze leaf is heavier, and is a little tricky to work with, on camera, you can't really tell the difference.

The first step is to reverse paint the outline with the pattern attached to the outside, making sure to put registration marks so you can line up the pattern when it's time to backup the lettering. If you're not familiar with the process, it means to line up the pattern, and pounce the layout over the leaf. That way, you have a layout to follow. 

With the leaf laid down using a gelatin wash, and the holidays filled in, it's time to do the backup lettering. Because this is done for a western, you don't want a perfect lettering job, you want it to have a little character. There is a difference between painting a sign with character, and painting a bad sign. The funny thing is, they both will work in film. No town ever had perfect signs through out the town. Just check the history pictures and you'll see what I mean.

                                                                                                            Photo by Randy Janzen Photography...Thanks Bro.

The finished glass installed. A sign like this really stands out, but could also pose a few challenges for the lighting and camera people, but it will definitely be noticed. Thanks for taking the time to drop by. If you have any questions, feel free the contact me.