Sunday, 6 May 2012

A couple of upcoming projects

I'm just getting ready to start a couple of new and exciting projects, re-creating the graphics and lettering on a 1913 Canadian Pacific Box Car, and also a turn of the century Big 4 Gas Traction Tractor. Both projects require rebuilding the graphics and lettering layouts from scratch, as there is no specs available. It can be quite a challenging, but also very rewarding, plus I get a little history lesson to go with it. They might not be the most fancy lettering jobs, but there's nothing like working on pieces of equipment that has so much history attached to them. I'll be documenting the progress, and will be doing a "How I went about it," complete with pictures, when I'm finished. I also have another project coming up, involving re-creating the graphics on a historic threshing machine, so drop in from time to time if you have an interested in this type of work. Here are some reference photos of the two projects currently underway. Thanks

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