Saturday, 18 August 2012

The 1909 Gas Traction Engine project

Just returned from working on a 1909 Gas Traction Company tractor at the Reynolds -Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Myself and a good friend Bruce Ander spent 3 days re-creating the lettering, striping and high-lighting the cast letters, back to the way it rolled out of the factory in 1909. This was another one of those jobs that required a lot of research and a little guessing as to how they would of been done. The problems with working from photos from that period, is most have been retouched in one form or another. The other problem is they usually show the equipment from a distance, or from the wrong angle. I've also included a picture of the fender that has traces of the original lettering, but is almost non-existent. We managed to get a lot done, and will finish up the lettering on the radiator and fenders next week. Although we'll be hand painting the lettering, they'll have a stenciled look that was used from the factory.  I've also included a few photos of other tractors that are part of their collection. If you ever get a chance, make sure to drop by the museum. They have a wonderful collection.


  1. Do you feel like Indiana Jones/ A Graphic archeologist?

  2. There are times that I do, but without the hat and whip. You spend a lot of time looking through old books and photos, not to mention hours on the internet. The easiest part of the job is the painting. I'm just finishing up the manufacture logo layout for the back fenders of the tractor. All I had for reference was a badly deteriorated fender that had traces of the original. Ah... life as a sign painter. The thing I like the most about working on projects like this is the satisfaction of seeing them restored back to their original glory. If only these things could talk.


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