Saturday, 5 November 2011

Scenic paint work on the film set of Passchendaele

I thought I would do a post on some of the film work I've been involved with. Since starting my business in 1987, I've worked as a sign painter / paint coordinator and scenic artist on a number of movies and television shows. For the movie Passchendaele, I held the position of paint foreman, and was responsible for the war-torn town and battle field. On a show of this size, I'll work with a number of different types of artists to create the look. I had a crew of up to 26 people working with me at any given time, from sculptors to scenic painters. My job was to give the crew direction for all the surface textures and scenic paint work, once the construction crew finished their part. That includes all the styrofoam carving /stucco and concrete work and of course the scenic paint work you see. I work closely with the Production Designer to help turn their vision into a reality. It can be quite a challenge at times between working with a large group of people, and the weather, to achieve the finished look. I'll try to post more on this subject in upcoming posts. Hope you find this subject as interesting as the hand lettering side of the blog. The photos of the set below, shows the set at different stages of completion. We do a lot of westerns here in Alberta, so this was a nice change.


  1. Very cool. I love seeing sets like this put together. Thanks for showing these!

  2. Thanks Doug, you keep coming and I'll keep posting.

  3. Hot Dog! That has to be the best job in the world! Creativity in all the mediums in full scale! Very Cool.


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