Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Oliver/Hart Red River Special Thresher restoration project.

This is a project I worked on with Brian Manning from Heritage Park here in Calgary. I was responsible for re-creating the lettering / decals and stencils. It was a very interesting project to work on as it involved hand letter / stencil work and re-creating the decals. The lettering was still visible, although quite faded, but the stenciled lettering and decals were almost non existing. With some help from the Reynolds-Alberta Museum in the way of reference photos from an Oliver Thresher they had in their collection, I had what I needed to put it all together. Here are some photos of the finished Thresher.

The above photo is a  screen shot from my computer, showing how I start to re-build the decal from the photo underlay. Because the fonts used for the original decals aren't available, I used a font that was close, and manipulated the letters in my software to match the photo underlay. I used the same process for both decals.

 This is a screen shot of the finished artwork without the final colors.

 The finished decals with the final colors. Ready for the printer. Thanks

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