Thursday, 16 February 2012

A little fun with crackle

I thought I would do a quick post to get 2012 going. The Year is starting off with a bang. Between trying to catch up and new projects coming in, 2012 looks like it might be a busy year. The Aultman Taylor project is moving along and hope to have it wrapped up soon, I'll post some pictures when I get a chance. I was recently on one of the sign  forums, and picked up on a technique using white glue that a fellow sign-man named Mark Fair uses to create a cracked paint look. It didn't take long for one of my customers to decide he likes the look and ordered a couple for his man cave. The interest is spreading and now I'm getting requests for other designs. Funny how things go. I'll try to post a "Step by Step when I get a chance. 

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