Saturday, 10 March 2012

Update on the Faded Paint Documentary.

Thought I would do a quick update on my documentary project called Faded Paint...The Vanishing Sign Painter. Just a couple more interviews and I can start putting it all together. Here's a few small clips . Gerald had a wonderful story about his career,  it could have been a short documentary on it's own. This is really starting to turn into an interesting project. I'll keep you posted.

 Some examples of hand lettering that I've collected with my research for the documentary. I have quite a collection to draw from, between photos supplied by the people I've interviewed , and ones that I collected over the years. Sign painting wasn't always about fancy sign work, it was a way to communicate a message. There wasn't anything glamorous about having to paint 10 " No Dumping " or " No Parking" signs.


  1. Are you still working on the documentary?

  2. I am. It just took a back seat to a heavy work load on the sign end of things. I still have a few more interviews to do, but plan to work on the editing over the next few months.
    Thanks / Rick


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