Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Moving along on the Aultman Taylor Decal project

Well I finally managed to a start on my sample board today. I want to work out the colors and details of the artwork before tackling the actual artwork, it'll  me save a lot of grief in the long run. I decided working in oils, so I want to get a base down and let it dry before adding the detail and shading. I'm using fast drying oils, so it should be ready shade and detail tomorrow. This is just a sample, so I'm not going to worry about turning it into a finished piece. I've painted the background the color of the tractor, so I  have a better sense of how the colors will look in the end. I've also included some photos of other decals that I have for reference. More to come.


  1. Wow. That looks like a sweet project. The pictures of the 'original decal' (?) look like they were printed over aluminium leaf, which was common. And it gives a great glow to translucent colors. Is there any way to get that when using a copier?
    It's nice that the water-slide paper is still being made. Did the museum get some for you? I've got a little bit, but it seems to need a big order to get a new shipment.
    Keep us posted....

  2. Hi Lee, the decals in the picture I believe are water transfer decals. I still have some Simplex water transfer, but I believe the Duplex (for larger decals) is hard to get. I took a workshop a couple of years ago with a fellow named Ken Soderbeck, to learn how to make water transfer decals and gold leaf / gold leaf shading. He was a master at his craft and owns a company called Hand in Hand Restoration down in Jackson, Michigan. The decal we're doing for the Aultman Taylor project will be printed digitally. I know there is water transfer paper available for digital printers, but have never used it. Once you have the master file, you can print it on almost anything. I was part of a group that worked on an old REO Speed Wagon restoration and the original graphic were done over aluminum leaf and then gazed with a yellow ocher to look like gold leaf. So much to learn in so little time. Thanks for your comment.


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